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    Attack shuts major Libyan oil ports, slashing production

    BENGHAZI, Libya/LONDON ( ) – The major Libyan oil ports of Ras Lanuf and Es Sider were closed and evacuated on Thursday after armed brigades opposed to the powerful eastern commander Khalifa Haftar stormed them, causing a production loss of 240,000 barrels per day (bpd).

    At least one storage tank at Ras Lanuf terminal was set alight following the early morning attack, an engineer told . Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) declared force majeure on loadings from both terminals.

    The clashes between forces loyal to Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) and rival armed groups continued throughout the day south of Ras Lanuf, where the LNA was targeting its opponents with air strikes, local sources said.

    Military sources said the LNA had withdrawn from both ports.

    The LNA took control of Es Sider and Ras Lanuf along with other oil ports in Libya’s oil crescent in 2016, allowing them to reopen after a long blockade and significantly lifting Libya’s oil production.

    More than half the storage tanks at both terminals were badly damaged in previous fighting and have yet to be repaired, though there have been regular loadings from Es Sider.

    Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) said it had evacuated all staff from the two terminals “as a precautionary measure.” The immediate production loss was around 240,000 bpd and the entry of a tanker due at Es Sider on Thursday was postponed, it said.

    NOC Chairman Mustafa Sanalla said the output loss was expected to rise to 400,000 bpd if the shutdown continued, calling it a “national disaster” for oil-dependent Libya.

    A military source said the three-pronged attack was launched by the Benghazi Defence Brigades (BDB), a group that has previously tried to take the oil crescent and advance on Benghazi, which has been fully controlled by Haftar since late last year.

    The NOC blamed Ibrahim Jathran, who headed an armed group that blockaded oil crescent termina,上海419论坛Georgina,ls for three years before being forced out by the LNA, and who appeared in a video posted on social media on Thursday announcing the start of a campaign.

    “We announce the preparation of our ground forces and supporting forces in the oil region, and our objective is to overturn the injustice for our people over the past two years,” he said, standing in a camouflage jacket in an unidentified desert area.

    “The past two years have been catastrophic for people in the oil crescent because of the presence of the system of injustice which is the other face of terrorism and extremism.”


    The NOC says Jathran’s previous blockades cost Libya tens of billions of dollars in lost revenue. He is sought by judicial authori,爱上海Jacquie,ties in Tripoli for the blockades and attempts to export oil independently.

    Repeated previous attempts by the LNA’s opponents to retake the oil crescent have failed, and it is unclear how much military and local, tribal support Jathran or BDB forces currently have.

    However, the LNA, which is the dominant force in eastern Libya and rejects an internationally recognized government in the capital, Tripoli, stirred some resentment with arrests when it moved into the oil crescent in 2016, and has recently been stretched thin.

    Since last month it has been waging a campaign to take control of Derna, the last city in t,上海419论坛Nell,he east to elude its control.

    France, which hosted an international summit last month to set a roadmap for elections in Libya, said it “co,上海贵族宝贝论坛[随机爱上海符],ndemned with the utmost firmness the offensive conducted today by extremist elements in the oil crescent”.

    Thursday’s clashes were not affecting any oilfields, the military source said. The LNA had at least five men killed and around six wounded, he said.

    A local resident said he had heard the sound of heavy clashes and air strikes at dawn and had seen a large fire at the Ras Lanuf tank farm.

    Crude exports from Ras Lanuf stood at 110,000 bpd in May, while exports from Es Sider were around 300,000 bpd, according to oil analytics company Vortexa.

    The Minerva Lisa oil tanker, which was due to arrive at Es Sider to load a crude cargo on Thursday, was advised to stay outside the port, a source familiar with the matter said.

    The tanker, chartered by trader Petraco, was seen turning away from the port on Thursday morning without loading, according to ship tracking.

    (GRAPHIC: Libya’s Es Sider and Ras Lanuf Ports: reut.rs/2y9L7FM)

    A second tanker, the Seascout, is expected to arrive at the port on June 18.

    Libya’s oil production recovered last year to just over 1 million bpd and has been mostly stable, though it remains vulnerable to shutdowns and blockades at oil facilities.

    National output is still well under the more than 1.6 million bpd Libya was producing before a 2011 uprising led to political fragmentation and armed conflict.

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    Direct link between Assad and gas attack elusive for U.S.

    WASHINGTON ( ) – With the United States threatening to attack Syria, U.S. and allied intelligence services are still trying to work out who ordered the poison gas attack on rebel-held neighborhoods near Damascus.

    No direct link to President Bashar al-Assad or his inner circle has been publicly demonstrated, and some U.S. sources say intelligence experts are not sure whether the Syrian leader knew of the attack before it was launched or was only informed about it afterward.

    While U.S. officials say Assad is responsible for the chemical weapons strike even if he did not directly order it, they have not been able to fully describe a chain of command for the August 21 attack in the Ghouta area east of the Syrian capital.

    It is one of the biggest gaps in U.S. understanding of the incident, even as Congress debates whether to launch limited strikes on Assad’s forces in retaliation.

    After wrongly claiming that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction before the 2003 U.S. invasion, the U.S. intelligence community, along with the Obama administration, are trying to build as solid a case as they can about what it says was a sarin nerve gas attack that killed over 1,400 people.

    The Syrian government, backed by Russia, blames Sunni rebels for the gas attack. Russia says Washington has not provided convincing proof that Assad’s troops carried out the attack and called it a “provocation” by rebe爱上海419l forces hoping to encourage a military response by the United States.

    Identifying Syrian comm,爱上海419Halsey,anders or leaders as those who gave an order to fire rockets into the Sunni Muslim areas could help Obama convince a war-weary American public and skeptical members of Congress to back limited strikes against Assad.

    But penetrating the secretive Syrian government is tough, especially as it fights a chaotic civil war for its survival.

    “Decision-making at high levels within foreign governments is always a difficult intelligence target. Typically small numbers of people are involved, operat,上海419论坛Oden,ional security is high, and penetration – through either human or technical means – is hard,” said Paul Pillar, a former CIA expert on the Middle East.

    One possible link between the gas attack and Assad’s inner circle is the Syrian government body that is responsible for producing chemical weapons, U.S. and allied security sources say.

    Personnel associated with the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Council (SSRC), which has direct ties to Assad’s entourage, were likely involved in preparing munitions in the days before the attack, they say.

    A declassified French intelligence report describes a unit of the SSRC, known by the code name “Branch 450”, which it says is in charge of filling rockets or shells with chemical munitions in general.

    U.S. and European security sources say this unit was likely involved in mixing chemicals for the August 21 attack and also ma,上海龙凤419Adalin,y have played a more extensive role in preparing for it and carrying it out.


    Bruce Riedel, a former senior U.S. intelligence expert on the region and sometime advisor to the Obama White House, said that intelligence about the SSRC’s alleged role is the most telling proof the United States has at hand.

    “The best evidence linking the regime to the attack at a high level is the involvement of SSRC, the science center that created the (chemical weapons) program and manages it. SSRC works for the President’s office and reports to him,” Riedel said.

    U.S. officials say Amr Armanazi, a Syrian official identified as SSRC director in a State Department sanctions order a year ago, was not directly involved.

    Much of the U.S. claim that Assad is responsible was initially based on reports from witnesses, non-governmental groups and hours of YouTube videos.

    U.S. officials have not presented any evidence to the public of scientific samples or intelligence information proving that sarin gas was used or that the Syrian government used it.

    The United States has also not named any Syrian commanders it thinks gave the green light to fire gas-laden rockets into Ghouta.

    But U.S. and allied security sources say they believe that Syrian military units responsible for the areas that were attacked were under heavy pressure from top commanders to wipe out a stubborn rebel presence there so government troops could redeploy to other trouble spots, including the city of Aleppo.

    An analysis by the Congressional Research Service, a branch of the Library of Congress, reported that a declassified U.S. government paper summarizing intelligence findings concludes that Syrian government officials were “witting and directed” the gas attack. But the evidence of who ordered it was not watertight, the analysis said.

    The findings were partly based on intercepted communications “involving a senior official intimately familiar with the offensive” which “confirmed that chemical weapons were used by the regime,” it said.

    As more information has been collected and analyzed, early theories about the attack have largely been dismissed, U.S. and allied security sources said.

    Reports that Assad’s,上海419论坛Maisey, brother, Maher, a general who commands an elite Republican Guard unit and a crack Syrian army armored division, gave the order to use chemicals have not been substantiated, U.S. sources said. Some U.S. sources now believe Maher Assad did not order the attack and was not directly involved.

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    Prosperity rides on better connectivity

    Photo: IC

    An old Chinese proverb goes, “Frequent shifts make a tree dead but a person prosperous.” “Shifts” here are used to convey a sense of movement. How can people move from one place to another? It needs road, rail, air and water connectivity – an implication of multimodal transport. One of the objectives of the China-,爱上海419Sabine,proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is connectivity – making people, funds and resources flow. 

    Connectivity provided by roads will stimulate the economy. It is not only about the transportation of goods, but also the flow of people. Such flow provides employment opportunities for people from remote and impoverished areas.

    For most developing countries, the first step at economic take-off is to make young people in underdeveloped areas move to places with employment opportunities.

    China’s development experience indicates that the flow of people from one part of the country to another has been the foundation of the country’s success. From the 1980s, hundreds of thousands of young people living in inland rural areas and remote places sought jobs in coastal cities in South China’s Guangdong Province and East China’s Fujian and Zhejiang provinces. They formed the base on which China’s gargantuan manufacturing industry stands.

    Till now, such flow is still creating the driving force and opportunity for development. The high-speed railway helps move a mass of people from one p上海龙凤419art of China to another. A report released by the World Bank on Monday shows that high-speed rail services in China compete with road and air transport for distances up to about 1,200 kilometers. Official data reveals that by the end of the first quarter of 2019, China’s high-speed railway had transported more than 10 billion passengers.

    China’s development experience also shows that connectivity provided by land transport facilitates logistics, not only giving business owners easier access to communication and more investment, but also providing more opportunities to choose a job from. All this has a multiplier effect on the economy.

    In an article published in the latest issue of Foreign Policy, Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak, an economics professor at Yale University, has written about the Bangladeshi experience with movement of labor force in this South Asian country. He and his colleagues examined a program introduced in northern Bangladesh in 2017 that offered round-trip transport subsidies to poor households to enable one member to temporarily move to nearby cities in search of work. They found that it could improve the quality of life of these families. The professor therefore concluded that “Instead of bringing jobs to the people, bring the people to t,上海419论坛Qirin,he jobs.”

    Such measures have already been carried out in China. The frequent flow of people in China is largely attributed to convenience in movement and low cost of transportation. High-speed railway fare is only one-fourth of that in other countries and regions.

    During the Spring Festival holidays this year, 6 million Shenzhen residents went back to their hometowns, making this migrant city almost deserted. Migrant workers, some of them having worked in the industrial metropolis for more than 30 years, must have the experience of  taking the low-priced option of slower green trains.

    In the 1980s, the green trains took a huge number of young people from remote and underdeveloped regions to promising coastal areas. They hoped for better opportunities and a prosperous future. Till today, the green trains are still the main transportation form for many people for short trips in some areas. Hundreds of thousands of farmers still take trains and buses to find a job in cities. 

    With the advancement of the BRI, some road and railway projects have been completed. A number of countries have started setting up economic development zones along the Silk Road routes in an attempt to boost their economy through connectivity. 

    According to Professor Mobarak, in places where they have already built roads and railways, governments, banks and UN agencies can help local factories employ more people from remote and poor areas and provide transport and telecommunication subsidies. 

    China’s experience of boosting employment via connectivity offers lessons for countries along the BRI routes. For instance, governments help set up sales networks for farm products, organize visits by agricultural technology experts to rural areas and provide school transport to children of underdeveloped areas. Such activities will of course make the BRI more effective.

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    How should TV tell stories about violence against trans women of color?

    In the year 2019 to date, 11 black trans women have been murdered in the United States. In addition to these 11 murders, two Latinx trans women have died while in government custody, one at the Rikers Island prison in New York an,上海千花网Gary,d the other while being detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    Few of their killers will be brought to justice — or even charged with the crime of their murder. Trans women of color often live on the extreme margins of society, on the streets or in low-income housing. Some are sex workers, already a profession that suffers under the threat of violence.

    Violence against trans people is nothing new, though it has been rising in the Trump era, according to Monica Roberts, editor of the site TransGriot and media chair of the National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition. Trans women of all races are at a heightened risk of violence, but trans women of color bear this burden disproportionately. Though white trans women (such as myself) also have to worry about violence, we are insulated by our whiteness and often by our income levels.

    Violence committed against trans women of color has only recently begun to receive notice from the American mainstream. The media is at least writing about it now, but there’s a dark side to broader recognition of the problem — all too often, the only time trans women of color (and especially black trans women) are in the news is when they’re dying.

    The black trans journalist Serena Sonoma wrote about this issue last month for Vox:

    Every month of every year, I am reminded of my place in society when the media only pays attention to black trans girls like me if it involves violence. Sometimes the very outlets reporting on our deaths are the ones that have published transphobic articles in the past.

    So yes, we should continue to learn the names and stories of Muhlaysia Booker, Chynal Lindsey, and so many more who have been victims of transmisogynoir today and in the past and never forget them. But activism and change goes beyond awareness of the dead.

    For two years now, one of the few examples of black and Latinx trans women receiving mainstream attention that hasn’t focused on them mainly as victims hasn’t come from the news media. It’s come in the form of scripted television, via the FX drama Pose.

    Pose is an ’80s- and ’90s-set TV series where the threat of violence and HIV/AIDS looms. It’s also a TV series where nearly every episode involves the time period’s ballroom culture — a culture that revolved around over-the-top performances by trans and gay people, who wore elaborate costumes to present dance routines set to popular hits. (Think Paris Is Burning or Madonna’s video for “Vogue,” which introduced this style of performance to a wider audience and whose success is a cornerstone of Pose season two.) Here’s a clip from the series’ pilot that showcases what I mean:

    But beyond its flash and sizzle, Pose is also a poignant drama about a found family of people who’ve come together to support each other in a world that otherwise might not care. It is frequently moving, often beautiful, and sometimes corny. But it is a show where the lives of trans people of color are shown to matter.

    And in its latest episode, Pose killed off one of its characters, a black trans woman on the extreme edges of its story. Is her death an exploitative example of every story about black trans women becoming a story about violence at its core? Or is it a necessary depiction of the world as it is?

    Or is it both?

    Pose’s latest episode shifts the burden of a character’s death onto the living. That’s realistic, but it also feels a little empty.

    Since Pose debuted in 2018, the character of Candy, played by Angelica Ross, has been notable mostly for what she is not. Unlike characters who are more central to the narrative, Candy lacks polish. The outfits she wears to the show’s ballroom competitions often feel shabby. Her attitude veers wildly from wanting everybody to like her to doing everythin爱上海g in her power to turn people off. She’s a bit of a mess, but that’s also what’s endearing about her.

    Candy lives on the edges of Pose’s story, compared to other characters. She’s a series regular but a supporting character. She’ll pop in every so often to generate drama or offer up some rich comedy. She rarely has a storyline of her own. She is precisely the kind of character you might kill off if you wanted to underline that the threat of violence is persistent in the world of your TV show, without really wanting to underline it.

    That’s exactly what happens in “Never Knew Love Like This Before,” which is directed by Pose co-creator Ryan Murphy and written by Murphy and co-executive producer Janet Mock (who became the first trans woman ever to write and direct an episode of television in the show’s first season). Unbeknownst to Pose’s other characters, Candy has returned to a life of sex work at a motel with a reputation of being a dangerous place for sex workers.

    Around 15 minutes into the episode, after Candy has gotten into a bruising verbal argument with Pray Tell, the ballroom emcee, her best friend Lulu cannot find her. The other characters band together to look for Candy, only to discover her body in a motel room, clearly the victim of murder. They organize a funeral. They come together to mourn.

    Candy’s murder sits at the center of “Never Knew Love Like This Before.”

    Candy’s ghost shows up at the funeral to discuss her life and legacy with several of them, and the episode’s climax is an elaborate fantasy sequence set to the song of the episode’s title. Candy finally pulls off the ballroom performance she dreamed of, receiving perfect marks across the board. And as her ghost moves on to whatever is next, the other characters are left behind to carry her legacy forward, to try harder to embrace those at the fringes of their community and help those who feel lost and alone.

    I am of two minds about the episode. On the one hand, it’s beautiful and almost intensely moving. On the other hand, it’s awkward and ungainly, and it sometimes uses Candy’s death for unearned dramatics. But in the weeks since I first saw it, I haven’t stopped thinking about it. (It is, in other words, an episode of television directed by Ryan Murphy.)

    Most importantly, I didn’t come away feeling that “Never Knew Love Like This Before” had used Candy’s death to score cheap sentimentality points or to artificially underline how hard the lives of Pose’s characters are. Candy might not have been the character whose death would have the most impact on the rest of the cast, but the point of the episode is precisely that: Her death has impact. And that’s what matters.

    The episode avoids feeling exploitative thanks to some key decisions made by Murphy and Mock. The first and most crucial of those decisions is that once Candy leaves for the hotel, we do not see her again until we see her body. We don’t witness her murder; it exists not as an act but as aftermath. This choice puts the audience in the shoes of too many people who’ve lost friends and family to killers who were never caught.

    The second key decision that Murphy and Mock make gives “Never Knew Love Like This Before” some of its greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses in the same breath. Instead of focusing on Candy’s death, Murphy and Mock’s script focuses on the rituals around her death — her friends working together to try to find her, and then making sure she was dressed in her best in the casket, and reaching out to her parents to invite them to the funeral. The episode’s attention to these details extends even to the choice of New York Mortuary Service as the funeral home.

    “It was one of the few [places] that would actually embalm and have funerals for AIDS bodies,” Mock says of the real-life business depicted in the episode, which takes place in 1990. “It became a place where our community comes together.”

    Yet the devotion to these rituals subtly shifts the story from one about Candy to one about Pose’s many other characters, who try to reconcile their grief over Candy’s death with the conflict they had with her before she was killed.

    This is both messy and real. Death often strikes in a way that leaves the living regretting their actions toward the person who died. That’s especially true in communities like the one depicted on Pose, where funerals due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic are an unfortunate part of the rhythm of life.

    But as a result, who Candy was gets a little lost amid the other characters’ grief. They speak with her ghost and try to grant her a grand fantasy on her way to whatever afterlife awaits her. And then “Never Knew Love Like This Before” ends with those who are left behind trying to move on, as the mundanity of life reaches up to grab hold of them again. There will be more Candys. There will be more problem children within this found family. There will be more deaths.

    When you’re the only show depicting a certain experience, the concept of representation can be a paradox
    Billy Porter has earned widespread praise for his portrayal of emcee Pray Tell.

    And yet the question that hangs over “Never Knew Love Like This Before” for a trans critic isn’t “Did the show do justice to this story?” or even “Was this episode good?” Those answers will differ from person to person. Instead, a different question emerges: What does it mean for one of the extremely rare roles for a black trans woman on television to disappear just like that? Does Candy’s death do a broader disservice to representation as a whole?

    On the most immediate level, at least, Murphy — who’s long been known for casting his favorite actors as often as he can — has thought ahead. Ross might no longer appear on Pose going forward, but she has joined the cast of the upcoming season of Murphy’s American Horror Story. She won’t be playing a trans role even, a distinct rarity for trans actors of any race. (It’s still pretty rare for trans actors to play trans characters, even.)

    “I am very aware of the limitations and obstacles for the actresses who are on the show, and I really want to make sure that they know I love them,” Murphy told me.

    So Angelica Ross, at least, will continue to have gainful employment. But questions of representation lead to another, bigger question: Why this story? Why now?

    To be clear, violence is part and parcel of the world Pose depicts. While it isn’t a show that frequently luxuriates in darkness or violence — it’s a heartwarming family drama, for the most part — to ignore the violence that is directed against trans women of color would be to ignore something that’s part of its characters’ lives.

    “We decided to tell the truth,” Murphy said. “This is what happened then, and this is what is happening now.”

    It’s not as though Pose suddenly added tragic elements to its mix, either. Of the show’s major characters, two have HIV, with one’s diagnosis tipping over into AIDS in the season two premiere. And other episodes have shown the threat of violence that hangs over the lives of these characters without directly depicting it, as when a violent altercation between a man and a trans woman ends with the police taking the man’s side, on the basis that her trans status was a “surprise” to him. These things happen in the lives of trans women, then and now, and they happen on Pose too.

    So the show’s choice to put happier moments front and center — even in an episode featuring the death of a major character — is a coping strategy the LGBTQ community is familiar with. When you live in the midst of darkness, finding some way to make light is human and necessary.

    Still, I couldn’t quite escape Serena Sonoma’s article about how often black trans lives in the media are depicted less as lives and more as statistics. Was Pose doing something similar? So I reached out to Sonoma to ask how these stories — both real and fictional — can be told in a way that acknowledges violence but doesn’t make it the primary driver of a story.

    “As a society that we get so fixated on [violence against black trans women] to a point where we make our deaths so political, and it dehumanizes the multidimensional human beings that these women were,” Sonoma wrote to me in an email. “They had lives, they had goals and aspirations, they had friends and family. … We have to center the violence that my community faces, and I feel that often we get so focused on the violence we forget to know that person behind it.”

    Mock says she and Murphy were thinking along these same lines when making the episode. “I get exhausted seeing a name and a hashtag and a watercolor graphic [of a victim of violence],” Mock said. “I don’t know anything about what she enjoyed, what she loved to eat. All I know is that violence was enacted on her body, that she was trans, that she was of color, and that she’s no longer here.”

    What we’re tiptoeing around here is the idea of a representation paradox. When there are so few roles for trans women of color on television and in film, period, a project like Pose — which reliably does its damnedest not to make those women into stereotypes or clichés — has a higher bar to cross in terms of making sure it avoids those stereotypes and clichés in every story it tells. The “reward” for doing good work is that the path it must walk to conti,爱上海Landon,nue doing good work gets ever narrower.

    When there are already so few prominent TV shows considering the trans perspective at all, and really only this one considering the lives of trans women of color, this one becomes the primary window that many casual viewers will have into the lives of trans women of color, a heavy burden to bear. That might lead some shows to try to portray a world where violence is present but rarely visited upon the main cast. And that show might be fine!

    But, Sonoma also pointed out, if Pose avoided this story, it would be shirking its responsibilities.

    “Killing off a character can help reach an audience who may not quite understand us when we say that black trans women are facing a staggering amount of violence,” Sonoma said. “I don’t believe it’s exploitative but raw and very authentic to what we face in our real lives. And it may take Candy dying for some of us to get that.”

    The power of seeing yourself on television
    Season two of Pose has also tackled the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

    The simple fact that Candy was a character with a name, that her murder came after 11 episodes of character development, that she was mourned — that carries with it a weight all its own, said TransGriot’s Roberts.

    “For the most part, black trans women were [historically] depicted as either a joke or a murder victim in the first five to 10 minutes of some crime drama, and Pose has been groundbreaking on a lot of levels in terms of not only having a black trans woman producing and writing it but actually having trans folks playing trans characters,” Roberts said.

    I can’t tell you what Roberts or Sonoma think of “Never Knew Love Like This Before,” because neither of them had seen it when we talked. And while I can tell you what I thought of it, doing so feels beside the point. The story of Candy’s death is for me, as a trans woman. It’s also not for me, as a white trans woman who faces discrimination but not at all like what some of Pose’s characters face. After all, I’m writing this piece about an experience I have not lived, and it’s being published in a mainstream publication. That I have a voice at all puts me in a distinctly privileged position.

    “There are gains to being a white trans woman that are not equally shared with black and nonblack trans women of color,” Sonoma said. “We have trans women of all colors who are social media influencers, actresses, musicians, and more. And yet if you look at who is getting more of the focus, it is always going to be white trans women.”

    And this is true. By far the most famous trans person on the planet — the trans person who single-handedly vaulted discussion of trans issues into the mainstream more than any other one of us — is Caitlyn Jenner, who is rich and white and famous. Her experience is decidedly atypical, but it’s become representative of “the trans experience” in the minds of too many who follow these issues only casually. (Perhaps the most famous fictional trans experiences before Pose too often fell into this rough archetype as well — think Transparent or The Danish Girl.)

    An underlying misconception about trans identities in too much of our culture is the subtext that being a trans person is a vanity project undertaken by the rich and privileged. Putting the deaths of trans women of color into the mainstream is a sometimes clumsy attempt to push back against this subtext, but it creates a false binary — to be a trans person (and a trans woman especially) is to be either a rich idiot or a poor tragedy. It’s what Roberts said above all over again: Either you’re a joke or you’re a victim.

    Maybe, then, the most radical thing about Pose isn’t that it’s about trans people or that it features trans people of color, but that its world barely contains white people at all. The rest of media can center white trans experiences; Pose won’t. That doesn’t mean the show will get everything right — both Murphy and Mock said they expect some degree of criticism for the choice to kill Candy (criticism comes with the territory, after all), and as stated above, I have my quibbles with this episode in particular and Pose more generally. But the mere existence of Pose allows people who’ve never seen themselves on television to see possible lives that can end in death but don’t have to.

    Fittingly, “Never Knew Love Like This Before” doesn’t end at Candy’s funeral. It ends later, with two characters washing dishes afterward. It’s one of the most mundane chores imaginable, but a chore that underlines what it is to be human — to have fed yourself or somebody else, to have to clean up after friends. The lives of trans women of color too often end in shocking acts of violence. But Pose finds a way to look beyond that, to the moments that follow, when the sink is full of warm, soapy water, when life goes on for those who are still here, because it does.

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    Luke takes Hannah to church, shares when God spoke to him on ‘Bachelorette’

    “Bachelorette” fans got to see another side of one of the contestants who has been vilified this season in the “Hometowns” episode, but who knows if he’ll get the rose.

    Luke Parker, known as “Luke P,” has been very open about his Christian faith since the premiere of this season on ABC.


    It’s something that initially drew the star, Hannah Brown, to him but also created tension when the two discussed their views on sex before marriage.

    But on Monday night’s episode, Parker took Brown to church and everyone she met in his hometown of Gainesville, Ga., seemed to sing his praises.


    Parker is a member of Christ Place Church, where he has taught Sunday school, is part of a small group, and regularly volunteers with the college ministry, according to the Gainesville Times.

    During Sunday School, Parker shared his testimony once again, saying his high school and college days were filled with “chasing sex and entangled and caught up in sin of all kinds” until one day in the shower when he heard God say, “Luke, let go and follow me.”

    The 24-year-old contestant said a huge weight was lifted,上海贵族宝贝论坛Octavio, offhim.

    “Anything that you look at as negative in your life, I want you to know that God is going to use that for positive,” Parker told the young people in the pre-church class.


    Brown admitted on camera: “It’s cool to see that Luke really lives his faith,” and while the two have been on a downward spiral since the beginning, Monday night’s episode seemed to be a h爱上海419ighlight for Parker.

    As Brown told hisfamily, it became “Luke against the rest of the house.”


    Next week might be the end of the road for Parker, as he previously told Brown he would like to go home if she had sex with any other contestants before marriage during Fantasy Suites week.

  • 爱上海

    S&P 500 hits 3,000 points for first time ever

    Powell, who is beginning his biannual congressional testimony on Wednesday, pointed at economic crosscurrents, including “uncertainties around trade tensions and concerns about the strength of the global economy [that] continue to weigh 爱上海419on the US economic outlook.” He also noted inflation continued to run below the Fed’s target.

    Investors read that as a sure sign that the Fed plans on cutting its interest rates at its next meeting later this month.

    Stock futures had been in the red Wednesday morning but turned higher after the remarks were published ahead of the opening bell.

    The S&P 500 (DVS) bounced 0.7% higher. The Nasdaq (COMP)was up 1%. The Dow (INDU) was up 0.7%, or 188 points, marking its first higher open in four days. The Dow logged its third consecutive close in the red on Tuesday.

    Both the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq hit intra-day record highs just a few minutes into the trading day.

    Market expectations of a near-term interest rate cut had dominated for weeks until last Friday’s jobs report. The better-than-expected data suggested that the economy might not need the boost that a rate cut would provide.

    On Tuesday, Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker said he didn’t see any need for interest rate changes. He said he would consider a rate cut if the economy weakened substantially, according to The Wall Street Journal.But Powell’s remarks on Wednesday seemed to send a clear signal to the market. Expectations for a rate cut, measured by the CME’s FedWatch tool, returned to 100%, with ,爱上海419Nell,84% expected a 25 basis point cut. It had slipped to 96% earlier Wednesday, after sitting at 100% for week.

    Lower interest rate make it cheaper for companies to borrow money and are thus supportive for the stock market.

    Powell’s testimony will be followed by the minutes of the Fed’s June meeting, which will be released at 2 pm ET. On Thursday Powell will appear before the Senate Banking Committee.

    Yields on US government debt, which is in part driven by interest rate expectations, dropp,上海419论坛Lake,ed initially on Powell’s remarks but bounced back. The 10-year US Treasury yield is little changed at 2.0647%.

  • jczakvre

    ‘Equal pay’ Fight Resonates as New York Fetes US Women’s Soccer Team

    NEW YORK – The U.S. women’s soccer team, fresh from its second-consecutive World Cup victory over the weekend, will return to Man,上海千花网Benton,hattan’s “Canyon of Heroes” on Wednesday to be honored by New Yorkers with a traditional ticker tape parade.

    The squad’s 2-0 win over Netherlands in the final match on Sunday capped a World Cup campaign that attracted huge television audiences and bestowed celebrity status on Megan Rapinoe, the tournament’s top scorer and an out,上海龙凤419Kalon,spoken team leader.上海龙凤419

    The victory also called attention to the team’s fight for equal pay with their counterparts on the U.S. men’s national team, and by extension, the issue of equal pay for equal work for women in general. In March, all 28 players on the women’s team filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation, demanding their compensation equal that of their male counterparts.

    “The level of interest and excitement is much higher from four years ago,” said Jessica Lappin, president of the parade’s organizers, Alliance of Downtown New York, referring to the 2015 parade for the team after its last World Cup victory. “That’s partly because they’re women’s rights icons now.” The lawsuit alleges that women players each earn a maximum of $99,000 total for a season, compared with an average of $263,320 for male players.

    As Sunday’s game came to a close in Lyon, France, the grandstands erupted with chants of “equal pay, equal pay.”

    Parade organizers said they expected to hear a similar sentiment expressed loudly by the tens of thousands of people expected to line the parade route on Wednesday.

    The parade will travel up Broadway through the heart of Manhattan’s financial district, from Battery Park to City Hall, a path dubbed “the Canyon of Heroes.”

    At the end of the route, Mayor Bill de Blasio and other politicians will pay tribute to the team, while some of the players are likely to address the crowd.

    Past honorees have included John F. Kennedy after his nomination as Democratic presidential candidate; Neil Armstrong and other Apollo 11 astronauts after their mission to the moon; and Queen Elizabeth II. In recent decades, the city has hosted a much smaller number of parades and most of them have honored championship sports teams, including the New York Yankees and New York Giants.

    Despite the name, today’s “ticker tape” parades are missing the real stuff – the ubiquitous strips of paper that ran through stock tickers that once provided price quotes for Wall Street traders.

    Instead of ticker tape, about a ton of confetti made from shredded paper, tossed from about 20 buildings, will rain down on the team as they ride in open vehicles up Broadway, according to the Alliance of Downtown New York. Unlike in years past, most of the office towers along the route lack windows that can open.

  • rpgssqpu

    Acosta to hold news conference in wake of Epstein case criticism

    Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta has scheduled a press conference for Wednesday afternoon – a day after President Trump said he will look “very closely” at Acosta’s handling of a sex-trafficking case involving billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein.

    The rep billed the appearance as a “general press conference,” without elaborating and answering questions about Epstein.

    The em,上海419论坛Paydon,battled labor secretary was a federal prosecutor in South Florida when he was involved in a 2008 sweetheart plea deal that allowed Epstein to avoid prosecution on federal charges of molesting teenage girls.

    He pleaded guilty to state charges, spent 13 months behind bars and registered as a sex offender.

    Acosta’s role in the Epstein case came under renewed scrutiny after federal prosecutors in New York filed similar charges Monday against Epstein, who pleaded not guilty to the new sex-trafficking charges.

    Jeffrey Epstein in court in 2008ZUMAPRESS.com

    Some members of Congress and Democratic presidential candidates are calling on Acosta to resign.

    The president said he feels “very badly” for Acosta because he’s been a “very good” secretary.

    “I met Secretary Acosta the first time I know when I made the deal to bring him into the administration. I can tell you that for two and a half years he’s been just an excellent secretary of labor,” Trump said Tuesday.

    “He’s done a fantastic job,” the president adding, crediting Acosta with hel,上海419论坛Geoffrey,ping boost the economy.

    On Tuesday,爱上海 Trump also distanced himself from Epstein, saying he was “not a fan” and that the former pals had a “falling out” years ago.

  • 上海419论坛

    De Blasio: I’ll pay female athletes equally if elected president

    Mayor de Blasio on Wednesday said if elected president he would sign an executive order to guarantee equal pay for women and men athletes — despite glaring discrepancies in pay in his administration.

    De Blasio, speaking on CNN before the ticker-tape parade in the Canyon of Heroes for the US women’s soccer team, said he would insist that Congress pass an amendment to the Amateur Sp,上海419论坛Benjamin,orts Act “requiring equal pay for men and women in all of our national sports teams.”

    If that failed, de Blasio, a Democratic presidential candidate, said he would sign an executive order “to force” the US Soccer Federation to ensure equal pay.

    He would also support the Fairness Paycheck Act that requires employers to report annual pay data and justify differences in pay.

    But, as the Post reported on Sunday, there’s a gender pay gap at the top of his administration.

    Although women make up half of City Hall’s 10 highest earners, the men – including de Blasio – hold four of the five best-paying jobs, with annual salaries that range from $258,000 to $403,000, records show.

    Because of that, men in the administration earn an average of $58,400 a year more than their female colleagues, leaving the women earning just 81 cents for every dollar earned by the men.

    Hizzoner was asked by the Post about the pay discrepancy in City Hall.

    “T爱上海he numbers are so clear we have an administration that’s over 50 percent women in the top positions absolute equity in the top positions there’s a handful of higher paid positions at this moment in history some are men and some are women,” he said.

    De Blasio rides with the USWNT during their ticker tape parade on WednesdayReuters

    The issue of equal pay arose when it was revealed that the US women’s soccer team earns less than the men’s team even though they’ve won four World Cup championships since the early 1990s while the men have won zero.

    T,上海龙凤419Santino,he women’s team defeated the Netherlands on Sunday to win their latest championship.

    “They are heroes in more than one way,” de Blasio said on CNN. “These women are not just heroes on the field, they are leading a discussion in America and demanding change we need.”

  • jbibbyfl

    Starbucks’ new Tie-Dye Frappuccino launches, sparks mixed reviews

    Tie-dye is coming back in a groovy way —and Starbucks is here for it.

    The coffee chain is jumping in on the psychedelic summer trend with its new limited-time Tie-Dye Frappuccino, which launched Wednesday and will only stick around while supplies last.

    The vibrant tropical fruit-flavored drink comes with a mix of yellow, red and blue tie-dye swirls and is topped with vanilla whipped cream with yellow, red and blue sprinkles.


    But not everyone is excited about the Instagram-friendly drink —namely, the baristas.

    Since the announcement of the specialty beverage’s launch, baristas, and some sympathetic customers, have been tweeting out against anyone ordering the Tie-Dye,上海千花网Galt, frap. Many shared how involved the creation process is and criticized the flavor, which was described as like a banana candy.


    But there are many who seem to not be swayed, commenting that they are looking forward to the colorful option.

    Starbucks has been ridiculed by its baristas before for its complicated Frappuccino rol,上海419论坛Hanzel,l-outs.

    In April, a barista went viral for ranting against the Unicorn Frappuccino when it launched.

    “I have unicorn crap all in my hair and on my nose. I have never been so stressed out in my entire life. It has been insane. If you love us as baristas, don’t order it,” Braden Burson said in a video.


    Starbucks confirmed then that Burson was not the only barista frustrated with the coffee drink.

    “Our goal is to ensure that both our customers and partners (employees/baristas) always have a positive experience at Starbucks.We always listen to their feedback to determine what we can improve upon.We’ve reached out to this partner directly to talk about his experience and how to make it better,” Starbucks said in a comment to Fox News at the time.

  • pieeykcp

    China, India can collaborate Samuel to counter trade war uncertainties

    Girish Ramachandran Photo: Li Qiaoyi/GT

    Editor’s Note:

    There is growing belief that China and India are set to become the drivers of global growth and the technology part of the story is especially worth noting. During the World Economic Forum “Summer Davos” in the coastal city of Dalian, Northeast China’s Liaoning Province, Girish Ramachandran (Ramachandran), president of the Asia-Pacific region of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), offered insights into technology ties between the two giant Asian economies while talking with Global Times reporter Li Qiaoyi (GT) in an exclusive interview on Monday.

    GT: There are concerns that China’s tech sector is cooling off. Do you believe winter is coming for China’s tech sector?

    Ramachandran: I don’t believe there is a winter coming. In fact, I would say spring is here, in that everybody needs China for its growth. This is simply because the opportunities in China are immense. In the case of TCS, the company has continued on a growth path, having in the last three years added more people in China than in the previous decade. We believe China has a lot to offer and we’ll continue to be here. 

    Some of the technological advances in China have been so phenomenal that people can learn from what’s happening – for example, the whole concept of providing one large platform through which every consumer can do almost everything in everyday life. I personally believe that there’s a very good opportunity for Chinese companies to look beyond China. But now Chinese tech companies are mostly focused on the home market. Overseas markets could be leveraged to build an ecosystem of partnerships outside China. 

    For example, WeChat as a platform can explore opportunities beyond the home territory. Similarly, some of the strides China has made in artificial intelligence and machine learning could be leveraged for growth outside China. Chinese companies could have tremendous opportunities in the markets of ASEAN and India.

    Some Chinese companies excel in promoting themselves in overseas markets and localizing their operations. Chinese telecom firms are so popular in India that Chinese smartphone vendor OPPO sponsors the Indian cricket team. 

    GT: What do you think of the impact on foreign investment in China’s tech sector from the nation’s unreliable entities list?

    Ramachandran: I have been noticing the Chinese government getting very serious about regulation and governance. There are different ways to look at what it means for companies like TCS and other global companies. One way is that China is trying to enforce new governance and corporate regulations that are prevalent across the world. 

    China is also opening up a few sectors. I can see the leadership is very clear about fighting corruption and putting in plac,上海千花Darcy,e the whole concept of governance and creating standards. All of these actually mean that over a period of time, there will be a level playing field. It is an opportunity that large companies should look forward to.

    In light of the pace of change in China, India and Indonesia, governance is very different as the markets are at different stages of evolution. Anybody who is serious about building a long-term business in the Chinese market needs to think in a sustainable way.

    GT: To what extent will the China-US trade war, which has weighed on global tech supply chains, impact India? Will the trade war risk a global technology split?

    Ramachandran: India’s strengths and China’s strengths are very different. India’s strengths are primarily in software and software services, whereas China’s strength is in hardware and new technologies. 

    Any trade war would cause a lot of uncertainty and no business is comfortable with that. There will definitely be winners and losers. But it makes more sense to figure out how India and China can collaborate so that the opportunities are much larger. 

    I feel there is an opportunity for India and China to come together. Any crisis is an opportunity.

    If you follow the trade war, you will hear one day it goes in a particular direction, and another day we have come back to negotiations. Even if the trade war continues and Chinese companies are affected, I believe there will be other opportunities for them. It’s like saying artificial intelligence will take away a lot of jobs, but meanwhile a new set of jobs will be created.  

    GT: Is progress in technology and innovation cooperation between China and India happening quickly enough?

    Ramachandran: I believe leaders of the two countries are very close to each other. That’s an opportunity that both countries need to grasp. 

    If you look at the number of Indian visitors to China, it has almost doubled over the last two years. There are two or three types of people. The first type purely comes in for sourcing in China; the second is people who have businesses in China; and the third is students coming to study in China. 

    If you start collaboration at the ground level between students, teachers and businesses from both countries, that will open up a whole new set of possibilities. The only thing is that China should also look at India favorably. We also need to get students from China to study in India. 

    The two countries have a high emphasis on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and in both nations, parents want their kids to have good degrees, so they can have a better future.

    GT: The huge potential in India’s tech sector has led to Chinese investment pouring into the Indian market in recent years, stirring concerns about Chinese companies buying controlling stakes in some stellar startups in India. Are such worries justified?

    Ramachandran: Every country is worried about national interests. But an open economy means not preventing companies from a particular country or a set of countries from operating. An example is the Indian retail sector in which the two major companies are Amazon and Wa,上海龙凤419Musa,lmart. 

    GT: How would you grade China’s opening-up efforts from an Indian standpoint?

    Ramachandran: China has opened up a lot of sectors including auto and insurance. From a business point of view, we would like to see if we are able to cooperate more with state-owned enterprises (SOEs). Most SOEs already have a lot of IT and technology people, but that might not be enough considering new technology trends. In this sense, it is hoped that companies like us can help in transforming SOEs.

    GT: What’s your outlook for China’s economy?

    Ramachandran: I’m optimistic. China is a consumer-led society and a lot more consumers here continue to buy. The aspirations of Chinese people are similar to those of Indians. Everybody wants better education, healthcare and housing. All of that combined will only continue to propel the economy, just like in India. So I believe that the current century will be for Asian countries. 

    Newspaper headline: China, India have grounds for tech cooperation

  • oruqyxon

    上海419论坛Gaga leads surge in women Oscar voters

    Lady Gaga Photo: IC

    Women accounted for half of the Hollywood royalty admitted to the Oscars-awarding film academy this year, the body said Monday, with Lady Gaga among those to be invited.

    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences issues a single round of invitations annually, and has significantly boosted its female and ethnic minority intake in recent times due to criticism over its mainly white, male membership.

    The board of governors three years ago vowed to double the number of women and non-white members by 2020, following calls to boycott the glitzy Oscars and an angry social media backlash under the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite.

    Invitations to 842 people announced Monday included leading women such as Claire Foy, Elisabeth Moss and Gaga, who won a best original song statuette for A Star Is Born.

    It is the first time an annual intake has reached 50 percent female, organizers told AFP. 

    Women outnumbered men among those admitted to the traditionally male-dominated director category this year, and also among writers and producers. 

    Following the latest admissions, the overall proportion of female academy members will rise to 32 percent, from one-quarter in 2015. 

    Just below one-third admitted were people of color, meaning the Academy has already reached its goal of doubling non-white membership – albeit from a low bar of just eight percent in 2015.

    The recruits include Crazy Rich Asians director Jon Chu, Roma actress Marina de Tavira and Black Panther cast members Sterling K. Brown and Letitia Wright.

    “Thank you @TheAcademy you have made me really happy with this honor,” tweeted De Tavira.

    Newcomers this year span multiple generations, from British 23-year-old Spider-Man star Tom Holland to legendary French actor Jean-Louis Trintignant, 88.

    In the world of music, singers Adele and Annie Lennox and producer Mark Ronson are among those selected for their work on movie scores. 

    Invitations were sent to members from 59 countries, adding to the academy’s increasingly global flavor.

    The organization is “becoming less and less American,” wrote journalist and author Mark Harris on Twitter.

    The shift “will play into acting/directing/writing [Oscar] races in a big way in years to come,” he predi,爱上海Khalil,cted.

    The academy has drastically boosted its overall intake as it moves to redress its gender and ethnic imbalances. Membership was traditionally capped at around 6,000 members, but will shoot comfortably above 9,000 with the latest inductees. 

    The number of new members was slightly down on 2018’s 928, but still the second-largest in the academy’s history.

    It included many members more famous for their work awa,上海龙凤419论坛Tomas,y from the big screen, from TV actors such as Moss, Foy and Homeland star Damian Lewis to Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn.

    “It feels to me like the academy has forgotten that its full title is the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences,” wrote Hollywood Reporter columnist Scott Feinberg.


  • 上海龙凤419

    Merger set for China state shipbuilders, spurring relate Shelwind military applications

    A view of the stand of CSSC during an expo in Dalian, Northeast China’s Liaoning Province in October 2018 Photo: IC

    China Shipbuilding Industry Corp (CSIC) and China State Shipbuilding Corp (CSSC) announced a long-anticipated merger plan that analysts said will spur the shipbuilding industry and related military sectors.

    CSIC and CSSC are formulating a restructuring plan for their relevant administrative departments, according to announcements issued by eight listed firms under the two state-owned ship makers late Monday.

    CSSC Holdings’ stock went up 7.87 percent on Tuesday’s closing, and China Shipbuilding Industry Co rose 7.49 percent.

    The military related sector and shipbuilding sector outperformed the overall China stock market on Tuesday by climbing 3.86 percent.

    The benchmark Shanghai Composite Index went down 0.03 percent at Tuesday’s closing.

    The merger, which is still awaiting regulatory approval, will promote the upgrading of the shipbuilding sector and give a further push to related military industries, according to analysts.

    “A successful merger between the two shipbuilding giants, which have produced a majority of China’s naval vessels, will benefit the development of the country’s naval forces,” a Beijing-based veteran observer surnamed Liu in the military field told the Global Times on Tuesday.

    The comprehensive combat performance of Chinese submarines, surface ships, underwater weapons and other equipment has been greatly improved in recent years, according to an article published on the WeChat account of CSIC on Monday. 

    During the past 20 years, CSIC has pushed the weapons and equipment of the Chinese navy and realized a cross-generation leap, said CSIC Chairman Hu Wenming.

    CSIC and CSSC were divided into two companies 20 years ago. CSIC was designated the “northern ship” and CSSC became the “southern ship” due to their geographical locations. 

    The two companies also witnessed the rapid development of China’s civil shipbuilding industry, and the struggles after the industry was affected by the 2008 global financial crisis.

    The merger, coming 20 years later, is in accordance with China’s policy guideline of building strong,上海419论坛Boris,er enterprises to improve market competiveness, according to analysts.

    Feng Liguo, a research fellow at China Minsheng Bank’s research center, told the Global Times on Tuesday that the planned merger is further implementati,爱上海Natalie,on of China’s mixed-ownership enterprise reform to build larger and stronger enterprises.

    “Only through internal reform aimed at improving the vitality of enterprises can the competitiveness of companies be strengthened,” Feng said.

    This merger, if it goes ahead, would not be the first combination of resources among state-owned enterprises (SOEs). In December 2014, the two largest state-owned train manufacturers in China – CSR Corp and China CNR Corp – also announced their merger.

    The shipbuilders’ merger will not simply mean operating as one company. It will require internal integration and cooperation to achieve optimal governance, Zhou Liwei, a veteran analyst in the shipbuilding industry, told the Global Times on Tuesday.

    SOE mergers in other industries have been proved effective, Zhou added.

    Newspaper headline: Long-awaited merger set for state shipbuilders

  • rrfyvved

    China leads the world in IoT: GS JonathanMA

    Chinese mobile operators are leading the world in the deployment of transformative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, according to the Global System for Mobile Communications Alliance (GSMA).

    The GSMA said China is the world’s largest IoT market with some 960 million devices connected via cellular networks, accounting for 64 percent of global cellular connections.

    “Backed by the government, China is now at the forefront of the development and deployment of IoT solutions based on mobile IoT technology,” said Alex,上海龙凤419论坛Virginia, Sinclair, chief technology officer of GSMA.

    China is realizing the value of the IoT and transforming the society through the deployment of smart home, smart industry and smart city solutions. Some Chinese companies have showcased a wide variety of different examples of large-scale deployment of IoT at the just-concluded Mobile World Congress 2019 in Shanghai.

    Sunsea AIoT has partnered China Telecom to install over 500,000 NarrowBand-IoT sensors in the Jing’an District in Shanghai, turning the area into a truly smart community. The devices are used to monitor from manhole covers, gas and smoke detectors to other environmental monitors.

    China Mobile has also set up more than 100,000 NarrowBand-IoT intelligent fire alarm systems including fire alarms, temperature sensors, smoke and gas detectors across the country. The solution can monitor the temperature, smoke and flammable gas, and state of the equipment such as battery life and malfunctions, to ensure the safety of consumers in case of a fire. The fire protection platform is used to manage the deployment of equipment and firefighters, track their locations and send the information to relevant personnel in real time.

    Working together with China Mobile, Ericsson Nanjing Panda Smart Factory has developed several use cases including a wireless Andon system. The system provides immediate communication directly to the appropriate engineer from the factory line, reducing lead times for problem-solving.

    Pets can benefit from IoT technologies. Pet trackers developed by Oviphone Technology allow owners to check the locations of their dogs or cats anywhere and anytime, sending alerts when the animals leave a pre-set area.

    “These new technologies are being implemented in different vertical fields and will fundamentally change the way we live and work. By delivering real-time information, they are making our cities smarter and our lives more ,上海419论坛Chloe,convenient and efficient,” said Alex Sinclair.

  • oawzvufo

    La Movida: Vintage photos show Madrid’s hedo 上海龙凤419论坛nistic counterculture movement

    “Whenever three people share a desire to do something together, a movida is born.” This is how Spanish photographer Pablo Pérez-Mínguez encapsulates La Movida Madrileña, the countercultural movement that spawned from Madrid after the end of Francisco Franco’s dictatorship in 1975.

    After decades of censorship, repression and ostracism from the rest of the world, Spain began a transition to democracy and its capital city was transformed. The nighttime saw people coming together like never before and became the catalyst for new forms of expression across music, fashion, cinema, painting and photography.

    Pérez-Mínguez is one of four photographers selected by curator Irene de Mendoza and her team for an exhibition titled “La Movida: A Chronicle of Turmoil” at Rencontres d’Arles photography festival in the south of France. “La Movida was related to youth, counterculture and identity. People started to gather after dark, started wearing the clothes they wa,上海龙凤419Charles,nted to wear, it was an explosion of freedom, aided by the f,爱上海Adelaide,act that international artists, especially musicians, started coming to Spain and appeared on national TV,” de Mendoza said in a phone interview.

    Pablo Pérez-Mínguez, Fany, agente secreto [Fany, secret agent], 1979-1985.

  • puyezzhv

    Hong Kong University Students Reject Invitation 爱上海 to Meet City’s Leader for Closed-Door Talks

    Welcome! Meredith collects data to deliver the best content, services, and personalized digital ads. We partner with third party advertisers, who may use tracking technologies to collect information about your activity on sites and applications across devices, both on our sites and across the I,上海贵族宝贝论坛Hannah,nternet.

    You always have the choice to experience our sites without personalized advertising based on your web browsing activity by visiting the DAA’s Consumer Choice page, the NAI’s website, and/or the EU online choices page, from each of your browsers or devices. To avoid personalized advertising based on your mobile app activity, you can install the DAA’s AppChoices app here. You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy. You can make a Data Subject Request at any time. Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.

    By clicking continue ,爱上海Micheal,below and using our sites or applications, you agree that we and our third party advertisers can:

  • bvybqcsm

    EU chief Juncker lashes out at leaders over t Chazop job methods

    BRUSSELS (AP) — European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is criticizing the way European Union leaders chose his successor and others for the bloc’s top jobs for the next five years.

    Juncker said Friday that “the process ,上海贵族宝贝论坛Quincy,was not very transparent.”

    After marathon,上海419论坛Jenson, talks, EU leaders nominated Ursula von der Leyen as his successor from November. They rejected a system whereby lead candidates in May’s EU-wide elections would get the jobs.

    Juncker was a lead candidate in 2014, which lawmakers say brings more democratic legitimacy to the post.

    Juncker says he told the leaders: “I always had the impression that I would enter history but not like that. Because I am a very unique guy. I was the first and last” lead candidate.

    It’s unclear whether the European Parliament will endorse von der Leyen.

    Copyright ©2019 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, written or redistributed.

  • 爱上海

    5 things to know for July 5: Fourth of July, Sud 上海龙凤419an, Chris Cline, California earthquake

    It’s something of a Fourth of July tradition: Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo defended their hotdog-eating contest titles.Here’s what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door. (You can also get “5 Things You Need to Know Today” delivered to your inbox daily. Sign up here.)

    1. Fourth of July celebration

    Despite worries from Democrats and other critics, President Trump pretty much stuck to the script and delivered a unifying message yesterday during his Fourth of July celebration on the National Mall. The President’s 20 minutes of remarks were a tribute to America’s early history and the military. He also looked to the future, saying the US flag would soon be planted on Mars. It rained during the event, but that did little to dampen the spirits of the thousands who assembled along the mall to hear Trump and to cheer at the various flyovers of military aircraft. CNN’s Stephen Collinson said this speech “lacked the dark imagery of many of his campaign speeches and struck a more optimistic tone.”

    2. Sudan

    Looks like the standoff between Sudan’s military leaders and its burgeoning pro-democracy movement might be coming to an end. Today a power-sharing agreement between the military and the opposition was announced. The two entities agreed to form a rotating, joint sovereign council that will govern Sudan for at least the next three years. Residents took to the streets of the capital of Khartoum to celebrate the arrangement, which was brokered by the African Union. Talks between the two groups had collapsed on June 3 after a military crackdown on a sit-in killed more than 100 protesters.

    3. Earthquake

    The Fourth of July fireworks started early out West, as a 6.4-magnitude earthquake shook residents from Southern California to Las Vegas. The quake was centered near a town in the Mojave Desert and was the strongest earthquake to hit the region in almost 20 years. So far it’s caused at least 159 aftershocks. One seismologist said there is a 50% chance of another large quake hitting the area next week. There were no reports of deaths or major injuries, but lots of widespread damage. The quake forced the temporary shutdown of rides at Disneyland and rocked gamblers at Las Vegas casinos. One thing the earthquake didn’t do was trigger Los Angeles’ quake detection app to send out an early warning. City officials are making tweaks to the app.

    4. Chris Cline

    Chris Cline, a coal billionaire and philanthropist from West Virginia, was killed in a helicopter crash near the Bahamas yesterday. There aren’t a lot of other details out about this crash yet, but Cline was on board the helicopter with several other people, including his daughter. There was no immediate word on the fate of the others on board. Cline came from a family of coal miners and later founded the Cline Group, an energy development company. West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice praised Cline’s generosity and called him a West Virginia “superstar.”

    5. Climate crisis

    Humans are doing everything from reducing emissions to not eating meat to not having kids in an effort to combat climate change. But this could be the most effective move of all: Reforestation. Restoring the world’s lost forests could remove two thirds of the planet-warming carbon that’s in the atmosphere because of human activity, a new study says. Humans have added about 300 billion tons of extra carbon to the atmosphere. Restoring lost forests could capture about 205 billion tons of that carbon. (Remember, trees are natural carbon removers, and store it above and below ground.) The researchers say there’s enough suitable land on the planet where trees could be planted to increase the world’s forests by about a third.


    Mad, mad world

    If you like Mad Magazine, you’ll need to get a subscription or pick it up at a comic book store, because after next month you can’t get it on newsstands.

    Bourbon blues

    About 45,000 barrels of Jim Beam have been burning for days at a Kentucky warehouse. A situation so sad it’s enough to make a man (or woman) drink.

    ‘Beijing bikini’

    Jinan, China, has had enough — enough — of middle-aged men rolling up their T-shirts above their bellies to cool down.

    Wrong Halle

    No, Halle Berry wasn’t cast as the “The Little Mermaid.” The iconic Disney princess will be played by R&B singer Halle Baileyin the live-action remake.

    HAPPENING LAT,上海龙凤419论坛Micheal,ER

    Jobs, jobs, jobs

    The June jobs report comes out later this morning. Willthere be a bounce back from last month’s disappointing report?

    ,上海419论坛Arielle,TOTAL RECALL

    Quiz time

    This 15-year-old tennis phenom defeated Venus Williams in a stunning upset at Wimbledon.

    A. Naomi Osaka

    B. Cori Gauff

    C. Yulia Putintseva

    D. Simona Halep

    Play Total Recall, CNN’s weekly news quiz, to see if your answer is correct.



    The temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit) reached on July 4th in Anchorage, Alaska. That’s an all-time record.



    Great escape

    “Let’s put a gate up to keep the cat in that room.” Yeah, right. (Click to view)

  • 上海龙凤419

    Racism has n Jassiro place in American politics, Buttigieg says

    Buttigieg’s campaign plans to shift strategy

    2020 Democratic hopefulPete Buttigieg told a man at an event in Iowa that “racism has no place in American politics” after the man said he should “just tell the black people of South Bend to stop committing crimes.” Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, has beendealing with the fallout after awhite police officer shot a black man in the city.

    The man was booed by the crowd at the Carroll County, Iowa, barbecue after the comment. Buttigieg said “I think that racism is not going to help,” but the man continued “No, just stop committing crimes! Has nothing to do with race!”

    “The fact that the black p,上海贵族宝贝论坛Arielle,erson is four times as likely as a white person for the exact same crime is evidence of systemic racism,” Buttigieg answered. “It is evidence of systemic racism and with all due respect sir, racism makes it harder for good police officers to do their job, too. It is a smear on law enforcement.”

    Buttigieg then said “racism makes it harder for good police officers to do their job, too” as the crowd said “shame on you!”

    “When black people and white people are treated the same by the criminal justice system, it will be easier for white people and black people to live in this country and it will be easier for law enforcement to do their job, but racism has no place in American politics or in American law enforcement,” Buttigieg continued.

    Buttigieg answered a question last week at theDemocratic debate about the June 16 shooting, saying the “community is in anguish.”

    “I couldn’t get it done,” Buttigieg said about the failure to adequately diversify his city’s police force. He acknowledged that nothing he could say could bring back the life of Eric Logan, the man who was shot. The officer who shot and killed Logan shut off his bodycam.

    There have been protests in South Bend,上海龙凤419论坛Osman, since the shooting, with one protester on June 22 telling Buttigieg “you are truly running for president and you want black people to vote for you. You [are] running for president and you want black people to vote for you — that’s not going to happen. That’s not going to happen. That’s not going to happen.”

    Buttigieg has struggled to gain support among black voters, with a recent Quinnipiac University poll showing Buttigieg with 0% ofAfrican American voters’ support.

    Jack Turman contributed reporting.

  • rpgssqpu

    Chris Cline, Coal Mining Entrepreneur, Is Killed in Helicopt Jonathaner Crash, Reports Say

    Chris Cline, a billionaire entrepreneur, philanthropist and political donor once called the “King of Coal,” died Thursday in what news reports said was a helicopter crash in the Bahamas.

    News media in Huntington, W.Va., and,上海贵族宝贝论坛Christopher, Palm Beach, Fla., two states he called home, reported that Mr. Cline, who would have turned 61 on Friday, was killed in a crash in which six others also died. Those reports cited unnamed family friends.

    Gov. Jim Justice of West Virginia said on Twitter on Thursday night that Mr. Cline had died, though he did not mention the cause of death. He,上海千花Timur, referred to Mr. Cline as a West Virginia “superstar” and “a very close friend.”

    “Chris Cline built an empire and on every occasion was always there to give,” Mr. Justice wrote. “What a wonderful, loving, and giving man.”

    Delvin Major, the chief investigator of air accidents at the Bahamian Air Accident Investigation Department, said in an interview on Thursday night that seven people were killed in a helicopter crash. But he said investigators had not determined the identity of the victims.

    “The sex and the identity of the persons we cannot confirm at this time because their bodies have not been identified,” Mr. Major said. “The bodies were recovered and taken to Grand Bahama where the identification can take place.”

    Mr. Major said a team had been dispatched from Nassau to Grand Bahama and would begin identifying the victims on Friday. The Associated Press reported that the Royal Bahamas Police Force said the four men and three women who died were American.

    The helicopter crashed in the ocean near the island of Grand Cay, Mr. Major said, and investigators were alerted around 5 p.m.

    Mr. Cline was a well-known philanthropist and Republican donor who began working in the coal industry in West Virginia in 1980 at the age of 22. He rapidly rose through the industry ranks, founding an energy development group, the Cline Group, in 1990.

    In 2006, he founded Foresight Energy to develop and operate mines in Illinois, according to a biography on the firm’s website.

    In 2015, he donated $1 million to a super PAC supporting the presidential campaign of former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida, according to Bloomberg News. He later donated to a super PAC that supported the campaign of Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

    Mr. Cline also donated generously to Marshall University in Huntington, which he attended. Jerome A. Gilbert, the university president, referred to him as a “son of Marshall” on Twitter Thursday night.

    “Chris’s generosity to our research and athletics programs has made a mark on Marshall University,” he wrote. “I am praying for his family.”

  • idadlsgt

    Blackstone and LEGO family bet a 上海419论坛gainst odds, acquire Legoland’s owner Merlin Entertainments

    Child-friendly theme park rides are safer and more accessible than ever before, but decidedly less rewarding. That is a fair summary of Blackstone’s deal to help take Legoland owner Merlin Entertainments private at a 4.8 billion pound ($6.07 billion) e,上海千花Byron,quity value.

    The private equity group run by Stephen Schwarzman, together with the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, will own half of the UK-based group which also operates Madame Tussauds wax museum. Denmark’s Kirkbi, the investment company of Lego’s founding family, currently has a 30 percent stake and is set to increase this to 50 percent. Their offer is worth 37 percent more than the company’s closing price before activist investor ValueAct Capital publicly called for a sale in May. Including debt, the enterprise value is 5.9 billion pounds – 12 times the 2018 EBITDA, against an average of 11 times for US and European buyouts in recent years.

    The trio’s plan to regain losses differs greatly from the standard private-equity process of increasing leverage, slashing costs and flipping a business. Even if they secure net debt up to 5 times the 2019 EBITDA, it would account for just 45 percent of the enterprise value, based on Refinitiv estimates. This is compared to well over 50 percent in most leveraged buyouts. Additionally, there is little room to axe costs: this year’s estimated 30 percent EBITDA margin is roughly where the group’s profitability was in 2012, when Kirkbi and Blackstone owned Merlin alongside CVC Capital Partners. The Danish family’s holding period is effectively endless, while the relevant Blackstone fund has a more than decade-long timeframe.

    Instead, the buyers think public markets misjudge Merlin’s long-term prospects. The company’s management, headed by long-standing leader Nick Varney, has spent heavily on international growth in New York and South Korea, and has built accommodation so that families can make overnight trips. Investors worry that capital expenditure, pegged by analysts at one quarter of revenue this year, will prove wasteful. Returns on capital employed were just 8.9 percent last year, compared with almost 11 percent in 2014. Hence a near-20 percent share price collapse over the past two years.

    The consortium is taking the other side of that bet, hoping that Merlin will take a bigger slice of the theme park sector’s 6 percent average growth rate. Even then, the returns are so-so. Assume that growth rate continues, there are flat EBITDA margins, and capital expenditure is at 20 percent of revenue. After five years the buyers’ cash return would be 218 million pounds before interest, or only 3.6 percent of the acquis,上海龙凤419Dilara,ition enterprise value. Child-friendly deal-making has its downsides.

  • urdwhvsy

    Pushback t Jassirhe only way to deal with US

    Photo: VCG

    The US has revisited its definition of China as strategic competitor, subjecting it to outright suppression. This has given voice to demands that Beijing relent to meet US requirements to bring an end to hostilities.

    Such opinions stem from not only blind worship of US technology and systems, but also out of fear they would make it difficult for other countries to catch up. Living with admiration and ingrained fear of the US is not the way to go.

    The admirers lack a clear understanding of US policies toward China. Some of them intend to imitate the US economic model in search of prosperity. Nonetheless, with a level of prosperity and charisma, China will never be accepted by the US decision-making elite. 

    Although it has become widely known that the US has taken a hardline stance against China, its uncompromising policy toward China is not understood by everyone. 

    Since the end of 2017, the US has clamped down on China’s high-tech sector by repeatedly imposing tariffs and improving Taiwan relations. 

    Such actions indicate that the US will never be satisfied with any compromise on economic and trade issues. Its intention is to destroy internal and external environments conducive to China’s rapid development, change the country’s economic and political systems, and interrupt its steady growth.

    Some believe that by agreeing with US values and systems China can have a future. These people have lost their understanding of why China has become what it is today, while also losing themselves and the ability to decide between what is right and wrong with China-US relations. 

    The first principle of US diplomacy is that it gives priority to strength and is intolerant of equal competitors. Regardless of China’s domestic changes, it is difficult for the US to accept other superpowers that challenge its primacy. This is part of the overall reason why the US decis,上海龙凤419Charlotte,ion-making elite has implemented a whole-of-government China approach.  

    The US has suppressed constructive voices and power with their China policies. It has built a hostile consensus against China at the societal level by creating major events. 

    US worshippers maintain the illusion of establishing a partnership with the US through systemic changes. They do not understand the real purpose of the US, which is to weaken China through internal changes rather than become partners. For the current US administration, today’s China-US relationship is not a partnership, but a rivalry.

    America worshippers should recognize that current US policy against China will not seek “benefits” with so-called engagement but will disintegrate China’s development model. If there is any patriotic conscience, the,上海龙凤419论坛Ernesto,se people need to sober up quickly.

    Those who fear the US believe the tough policies aimed at China will harm development. Such thinking is related to insufficient understanding of domestic political and social changes in the US.

    Although the US military, economy, science and technology remain strong, national and self-identity and elite identity have thick division lines and uniting them is delusional. 

    This is the source of the internal “sickness” US diplomacy suffers from and its gradual decline. In dealing with the Korean Peninsula and Iranian nuclear issues and its alliances, efforts to rebuild an international economic order that serves the US have also ended in vain. It is unlikely that the US will cause overall damage to China.

    The complexity of China’s national conditions and the multi-dimensionality of its strength have determined that it is difficult for any US policy of sabotaging China to achieve its goals. The US has been identified as “rogue” by many countries, including its allies. 

    The challenge in today’s international community is how to unite the wisdom of all countries and restrain US behavior. In this regard, China is in a favorable position in dealing with the US. Those who fear the US do not know enough about its diplomatic tradition of honoring strength. Only when China applies its strength will the US take China’s propositions seriously. 

    Constant retreat will not only make China lose opportunities to accumulate experience in dealing with complex international affairs, but would also incur humiliation and demand from the US.

    The US decision-making elite’s policy on China completely deviates from the fundamental interests of US society and undermines healthy pattern of bilateral relations. When US policymakers wish to decouple from China, the propositions from the Chinese who fear or worship the US will inspire their US peers to remain headed in the wrong direction. 

    The nature of this relationship is not determined only by the US. It is imperative to save the misguided US decision-making elite with rational Americans and shape a positive China-US relationship. 

  • oawzvufo

    Try Sur 上海龙凤419论坛veillApp!

    These busy days, it’s hard to keep track of all that you’ve been doing. You may not remember what websites you’ve visited, who you’ve talked to and texted on your phone, every angle of every room in your house, and your precise location at every waking moment.

    Well, we’re the big web platform companies. And we know more about you than you do. So we are offering you this handy app to share our information about you—withyou. In real time!

    WithSURVEILLAPP, you can review ever,上海贵族宝贝论坛Hailee,ywhere you’ve been and who you’ve been with; what products you’ve browsed, clicked on, or offhandedly glanced at; what movies you’ve watched and what songs you’ve listened to; what politicians and political messages you’ve liked; actually everything you’ve ever liked; all of your entire social media activity and your friends’ activity and the friends of your friends’ activity, and also their friends. And of course the people you’ve dated. And the people they’ve dated. And the people you’re likely to date soon.

    So far, we’ve provided this kind of information only to our advertising partners. They want to know all about you, and pay us good money to find out. But we figured that you might also want to know. Just for your own files.

    This is incredibly lucrativeinformation. But withSURVEILLAPP we’re giving it to you for free! Mainly because you gave it to us for free and we made just gobs of money off it. I mean, you don’t even want to k,上海419论坛Bahar,now.

    Maybe you thought you opted out of giving us this information by clicking a button that prevented data collection. Really, it’s very quaint of you to think that would work! But if it did,SURVEILLAPP wouldn’t be as robust as it is, now would it? And wouldn’t you be sorry? There is no point in trying to resist—you might as well take advantage of all that we know about you, for your own benefit.

    In principle, we could provide you with similar information that we have on your spouse or your lover, your boss or your co-workers, your friends and your enemies. That app is still in development, and you’ll be the first to know! Well, actually, we will.

    What can you do with all this information? The possibilities are endless—at least, they are if you’re a digital platform and you have like two billion of these puppies to sell to advertisers. What canyoudo with, well, one? I’m sure you’ll think of something.

    If you act now, whenever you use the app, we will learn which of your activities are most important to you, and that will go into our database, too!

    So giveSURVEILLAPP a try today! Warning: Not available where privacy is respected.